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Take me away.... Far away

4 February 1986
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I love anime, jrock, and mangas. I mostly watch pretear, gravation, inuyasha, yugioh, yu yu hakusho, chrono chrusade, and one piece. the jrockers that i listen to are gackt, hyde, dir en grey, d'spairs ray, DBSK, L'arc en ciel, and nightmare. I only get them because of my friend katie. love you girl. the manga's i try anything once. If i like that one then i keep on reading that one, but i try to stay on top of things. :) Of course i also like watching the WWE. My fav is Jeff Nero Hardy. I started to watch the first season of True Blood and I hated how they did it so i stopped watching it after the first season. But I have gotten back into Hanson. I consider myself a fan of theirs for 13 years. not fully active all those years but i have listened to all of they music and loved it.